What to do in the Winter in British Columbia

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There are many winter activities to participate in the chilly winter months in British Columbia. In winter, the beautiful B.C. Mountains are covered with a gorgeous blanket of snow and not only are they stunning, but they also make it possible to participate in some exciting activities.

The province of British Columbia is very well known for it’s amazing snowboarding and skiing. Offering somewhere in the vicinity of three dozen different resorts throughout the province, there are no lack of options for those interested in participating in these winter activities.

There are over 50 Nordic Ski areas in British Columbia, many of which offer lit trails for those who want to get in a little night skiing. Skiing isn’t the only winter activity that BC has to boast about, in fact dogsledding, snowshoeing and ice-climbing are among some of many adventures you can have in the winter in B.C.

Winter Activities in B.C

Backcountry Skiing

The most important elements of backcountry skiing are huge mountains and big snowfalls both of which British Columbia Possesses. Cozy alpine huts and backcountry lodges allow for multi-day ski touring and the diverse terrain provides glaciers, untouched powder and incredible scenery.

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Cross Country Skiing

With over 50 cross country skiing areas and an abundance of other options in National and Provincial parks, British Columbia is an amazing place to go cross country skiing. Abundant snowfall, spectacular terrain and beautiful ungroomed backcountry paired with world class trails groomed specifically for skate skiing and classic skiing offer an amazing experience.

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No experience is necessary to take part in Dogsledding. Not only that but can even choose your experience. You can sit and just enjoy the scenery or you can participate and learn the unique commands from your guide. Dogsledding is a wonderful and unique way to experience winter in B.C.

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There are so many winter other activities to participate in during the winter in BC. Such as:

  • Ice Climbing
  • Snowboarding and Skiing
  • Sliding Sports
  • Snowmobiling
  • Snowshoeing
  • Heli-Skiing and Cat-Skiing

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